Bra Fit Guide

At A Cup Above it's all about the fit, it doesn't matter if you're a G or J cup, the same rules apply for a perfect fitting bra

1. Your straps stay in place
2. The band should feel firm and comfortable without riding up your back
3. Your boobs are fully encased by the cup
4. The wire at the front should lie flat against your rib cage without rubbing or digging in and definitely not poking out
5. You have a great shape and lift from the bra
6. The bra feels fantastic on

Frequently Asked Questions

My boobs are bulging out from the cup and my bust looks lumpy under clothes.

The cup size you are wearing is too small as your boobs should be totally encased in the cup. 
How to solve the problem: Try a cup size bigger or a fuller cup bra.

One of my boobs is larger than the other.
Everyone has one boob bigger than the other, you always need to fit to your bigger boob. Remember it will always look better with a little room in one cup as opposed to your boob coming over the top of another!

The wires in my bra stick out at the front or dig in under my arms.
This is often because the cup size is too small and your breasts are forcing the bra away from your body. The wire should lie flat against your body and fully encase your boobs.
How to solve the problem: You should try a cup size larger.

My bra rides up my back and moves around as I move.
The band should fit snuggly and will only move around if it is too big. 
How to solve the problem: Try a band size smaller. (Please note that a smaller band means a smaller cup therefore you will need to go up one cup size when you go down a band size).

The cups are wrinkly at the top
The cup size is too big and therefore you boob doesn't fill the cups.
How to solve the problem: Try a smaller cup.

The straps dig into my shoulders.
80 percent of the support should come from the band around your back and not the straps. 
How to solve the problem: If your straps are digging in, you may need to go down a band size, up in the cup or you may need to loosen the straps.

My straps keep falling down.
How to solve the problem: Your bra may be too large in the band so try a smaller band size.

Handy Hint

Cup sizes are a ratio of band sizes. To keep the cup sizes the same when you drop a band size, you need to go up in the cup size. For example a 12D is also an equivalent cup size to the following: 10DD, 8E, 6F

The same rule applies if you increase the band size; the 12D is also an equivalent cup size to a 14C.


The Importance fo a Good Fit

It's important to find a bra that is well constructed, and the right size for you. A bra that doesn't fit or is poorly made can cause shoulder, neck and back tension, sagging breasts, and uncomfortable bulges around your breasts and upper arms and even where it fits across your back. Eeek!